We hope that 2016 is off to a fantastic start and that you are moving more, sitting less, sleeping soundly, and staying stress-free.

This year promises to be HBAW's biggest yet. Our team have hit the ground running, with February rollouts underway for Optus, Caltex, EFIC (Export Finance & Insurance Corporation), Lendlease, Energy & Water Ombudsman NSW, and StatePlus, with many more in the pipeline.  

And we are excited to bring you news of the ABC’s innovative new app-based team resilience program called HAPPY PEOPLE, as well as updates on the latest workplace wellbeing industry events, trending articles, and a must-read report. 

Whether you already have a well established wellbeing strategy in place within your organisation, or you are just starting out, our expert team can help. If you would like to book a free consultation with one of our Wellbeing Strategists to discover how our award-winning programs can reenergise your employees and add value and ROI to your 2016 wellbeing strategy:


L-R: Lauren Valvo, Melissa Raby, Edmund McCombs, Jane Gardner, Anna Louise Bouvier, Mary Sanderson, Tim Campbell

L-R: Lauren Valvo, Melissa Raby, Edmund McCombs, Jane Gardner, Anna Louise Bouvier, Mary Sanderson, Tim Campbell

As part of the Lendlease Foundation’s commitment to employee wellbeing, Anna-Louise was invited to Melbourne and Bendigo to launch a pilot of the Happy Body At Work program. The launch events were highly entertaining and created a positive shared experience, making them a great way to kick start the program. Participants learnt about how to be more active at work to reduce their stress levels, improve their sleep and boost their health, and were asked to select the one thing they want to work on in the next eight weeks and beyond. 

Prior to the launch events, participants were asked to fill in a two-minute electronic survey to rate their sleep, activity and stress levels. The survey generally achieves response rates of 50-85%, which most employers see as outstanding. The extraordinary 100% completion rate by Lendlease participants was testament to the excellent planning and strategy execution by the program coordinators from Group EHS and the Lendlease Foundation in combination with the efforts of a passionate and committed team of leaders and champions in Melbourne and Bendigo.

There is no magic formula. But based on the Lendlease experience, here are five simple ingredients you can use to sow the seeds of success for your next wellbeing initiative:

  1. Meticulous pre-planning by dedicated program coordinators supported by a super organised ‘on the ground’ team
  2. Visible promotion and participation in the program by senior management and injury management staff
  3. Regular engaging communication using a people-centered approach
  4. A launch event to kick start the program and embed key messages (always include food!!)
  5. Recruit enthusiastic program champions who are natural networkers and give them a compelling reason to generate a buzz, and the tools to encourage participation.

 Congratulations to the fantastic team at Lendlease. We look forward to sharing your journey throughout the program.


David Campbell, Anna-Louise and Sonia Kruger at Channel 9 - Today Extra.

David Campbell, Anna-Louise and Sonia Kruger at Channel 9 - Today Extra.

Sit, Stand, Move, Work

HBAW Director, Anna-Louise Bouvier joins the Channel 9 - Today Extra team - to offer her expert advice on how shaking things up can boost your energy and productivity at work.

5 Tips to Get You Work-fit

It can be a bit of a shock getting back to the daily grind of work after a relaxing holiday break, but it doesn’t have to feel like a burden. These simple tips can help you get work-fit, and beat the back to work blues…

Anna-Louise at her Varidesk

Anna-Louise at her Varidesk


Sharon Richens (HBAW) and Bron Johnson

Sharon Richens (HBAW) and Bron Johnson

Bringing Healthy Back to Cowra

The people of Cowra are working together to tackle obesity and raise awareness of the importance of a healthy lifestyle. HBAW Business Partner, Sharon Richens, was recently invited to speak at a Cowra community event to support this important initiative. Here, she shares the HBAW philosophy about how small habit changes can make a big difference to health and wellbeing.

HBAW Business Partner, Troy Morgan (centre) pictured with HBAW Angels at Optus

HBAW Business Partner, Troy Morgan (centre) pictured with HBAW Angels at Optus

Angels Bring HBAW Messages to Life

Whether it’s ‘balancing your watermelon’ or ‘shining your light’ the HBAW Angels are onsite at Optus to help. The Optus Angels Program is a pilot initiative between Macquarie University, Optus, and HBAW. Macquarie University is  PHD Physiotherapy students volunteer their time and expertise to gain valuable work experience at Optus. They are onsite to answer questions about sitting, moving, stress and sleep, and help Optus staff reinforce the habit changes they learn throughout the HBAW program.

Macquarie Uni PHD Physiotherapy students & HBAW Angels at Optus

Macquarie Uni PHD Physiotherapy students & HBAW Angels at Optus

HAPPY PEOPLE Launching Mid 2016

Happy Body At Work suite of programs: HAPPY BODY, PACE, INDUCTION, HAPPY MIND

As part of a focus on innovation in wellbeing education, the ABC is doing what it does best - making learning fun! Introducing HAPPY PEOPLE – a 4-week multi-platform, workplace resilience program that uses gamification technology to make it scalable, fun, interactive and highly addictive!


HAPPY PEOPLE aims to help employees’ develop strategies that increase their personal resilience, which can in turn impact their performance at work and home. It provides them with a mental toolbox of strategies that can positively impact their relationships with colleagues and clients by increasing their mental resilience and ability to cope with high stress workplaces.

For employers, it offers a highly visible, positive team-based wellbeing experience which demonstrates the value the organisation places on their employees as people.


It is ideal for customer or patient facing organisations (i.e. retail, health care, education) and combines evidence based education with cutting edge technology to engage and motivate employees.


HAPPY PEOPLE is a four-week, team based multi-platform resilience program. It is being developed by the ABC as part of their focus on innovation in wellbeing education delivery. The program offers an interactive approach to wellbeing education that uses game elements and rewards to maximise engagement and inspire participants to continue learning. It is delivered as an ‘event in a box’ and comes with full ABC support.


This innovative program is being supported by Macquarie University as a research project. HAPPY PEOPLE will be available mid-2016.


Anna-Louise’s expertise, combined with her engaging style makes her a highly sought after keynote speaker and MC. She will be presenting at the following  conferences:

Corporate Health & Wellbeing Summit – 3 March 2016

Anna-Louise will be sharing her strategies to increase workplace energy resilience and performance, alongside the Hon. Jeff Kennett (Beyond Blue), Prof. Kerryn Phelps, and Megan Kingham (Optus) at the Summit in Melbourne. The Summit comprehensively addresses workplace health and wellbeing. 

Wellness@Work Conference – 1 April 2016

Anna-Louise is MC at the Sydney conference, alongside other leading experts including Dr Tim Sharp (The Happiness Institute), David Ninnes (Westpac), and Duncan Young (Lendlease). Additionally, she will lead an interactive roundtable discussion on how gamification can be used to increase engagement.

Happiness & It’s Causes – 2-3 April
Post conference workshop – 4 April

Anna-Louise will MC Day two of the Happiness conference and will appear alongside happiness experts from around the world. She will be running a post-conference workshop entitled: Move more, sit less - how small changes can make for a happier mind and body.

Mental Health in the Australian Workplace Conference – 10-11 May 

Anna-Louise will present a keynote on 11 May in Melbourne about how digital technology is increasingly being used to create workplace mental health and resilience programs that are scalable, fun, interactive and highly addictive!  


Stay up to date with the latest workplace wellbeing news, reports, and trends:

MUST-READ REPORT: Bupa Benchmark Survey

Bupa recently published a groundbreaking report entitled, WORKPLACE HEALTH IN AUSTRALIA. The report offers huge insight into the current and future trends of workplace health and is a useful tool for anyone interested in delivering effective programs for their employees. 

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