Newsletter Issue 8


We are delighted to announce that Happy Body At Work (HBAW) has been recognised at two industry award events this year - the LearnX Impact Awards and the Australian HR Awards. Our heartfelt thanks and congratulations go to our valued partners in these award initiatives, Optus and Lendlease



Optus and HBAW took out the Platinum Award for Best Wellbeing Program at this year’s LearnX Impact Awards. Megan Kingham (Health & Wellbeing Manager, Optus) and Anna-Louise Bouvier (HBAW) were invited to Melbourne to co-present at the award ceremony about the strategy of the Happy Body initiative.

Megan Kingham and Anna-Louise Bouvier at the LearnX Impact Award Ceremony.

Megan Kingham and Anna-Louise Bouvier at the LearnX Impact Award Ceremony.


Over 760 HR professionals gathered at The Star Sydney in September to celebrate the ‘best of the best’ in the industry. Lendlease/HBAW were named as a finalist for Best Health & Wellbeing Program at the 2016 Australian HR Awards.

Discover what our award-winning programs can do for your people and your business.

Edmund McCombs, Geoff Dutaillis, Jane Gardner (Lendlease) with Anna-Louise at the 2016 Australian HR Awards

Edmund McCombs, Geoff Dutaillis, Jane Gardner (Lendlease) with Anna-Louise at the 2016 Australian HR Awards

Optus goes WILD for OUR NEW Happy People program


In our quest for scalable, data driven wellbeing content that also delivered a delightful, engaging experience for employees, the ABC Digital team spent much of 2016 adding to our growing suite of solutions. The Happy People app-based program made its debut in September, rolling out to over 1100 Optus Retail staff nationwide. The results exceeded our wildest expectations.

Recognising the need to respond to the pressures experienced by people who work in customer facing roles, we partnered with Optus to develop a wellbeing campaign that could reach their retail employees. Optus’ strategic approach to the health and wellbeing of their employees is unparalleled and it was a privilege to collaborate with them on such a groundbreaking project.

The result was Happy People - a 6-week app-based wellbeing program designed to equip employees with a mental toolkit of strategies that can positively impact their performance with colleagues and clients, by increasing their mental and physical resilience. Specifically the effect of energy and sleep on mood and energy.

Optus Retail Rollout

1100 Optus Retail employees from 168 stores were enrolled in the Happy People program in September. They were split into 25 Teams led by Optus Area Managers. 

What were the results?

Engagement metrics exceeded all expectations with over 980 people engaging with the Happy People app in the first week alone and high engagement being sustained for the whole program! Employees could access the browser based app 24/7 on their mobile phones. The preliminary findings have been extremely positive:

Messy Me with pillar content
  • 75% registered to participate in the program
  • Up to 80% checked into the app to view their daily tips, do the wellbeing quiz, and set their weekly work and home goals
  • Participants rated 70% of the Happy People tips as being useful for them
  • Some of the key goals staff identified during the program were ‘being more productive’, ‘connecting more with customers’ and ‘lifting team morale’
  • Of those who completed the exit survey nearly 65% said they were ‘coping better with daily pressures’, ‘getting better sleep’, and ‘more aware of their mood and energy
  • 66% said they are ‘better at dealing with difficult or angry customers’ 

What were the key engagement drivers?

The app has three key internal engagement drivers:

  • A group journey across the four wellbeing pillars of Energy, Sleep, Mood and Stress, via simple daily snackable tips and weekly animated videos
  • A personal journey via a 10-second personal wellbeing quiz which generates a daily tailor-made tip, combined with weekly personal goals for work and home
  • Team based gamification via points, prizes and a highly visible live leaderboard

Added to this we have the external engagement drivers. The incredible support shown by the Optus leadership team. Lynne Kavanagh (VP of Retail) and Ben Murray (Head of Branded Retail) were instrumental in supporting the 25 Area Managers to motivate their teams via a highly visible multi-platform ‘comms cascade’. This helped create a buzz that grew steadily throughout the campaign.

Macquarie Uni Post-Doctoral Study

Happy People is an industry-first initiative that has been developed in conjunction with Macquarie University. Leading Macquarie researcher, Dr Taryn Jones, is using the aggregate Optus results for a post-doctoral research study into the wellbeing of Australian retail employees. We anticipate that the full results will be published in early 2017.

How is habit-change sustained?

Six months ongoing access to the app, including the daily personal quiz helps to ensure that habit change is sustained over the longer term.

What’s in it for employers?

Happy People delivers a cost-effective, scalable team based wellbeing campaign that addresses multiple mental and physical health risk factors. Tangible outcomes include analysis of the aggregate pre and post survey data and engagement metrics that can contribute to strategic planning and long term growth.

Want to know more?


If you would like to experience a FREE TRIAL of the Happy People app,



In the aftermath of a large scale restructure, global healthcare company Fresenius Kabi Australia, consulted our team about which of our programs could best assist their strategy to transition to a more agile environment. 

Juan Villar, General Manager and Jackie Staples, Human Resources Director at Fresenius Kabi were quick see the benefits of incorporating the ABC’s Happy Body program as part of their cultural transformation and agile workplace strategy. Staples explains: 

“The Happy Body at Work philosophy fitted perfectly.  It was about making small changes and not adding load to the employees.  The focus was on choice, individuality, and personal accountability.  
“Happy Body with its themes of moving more and sitting less dovetailed into our open plan office design. After years of being office/desk bound we knew it may be difficult for some people to get used to moving around in their new office space and utilising the many choices.

What were the objectives of rolling out the Happy Body program?

  • To highlight the benefits of an agile environment and educate employees about choosing the right space for the right activity
  • To provide strategies to help minimise any physical discomfort associated with adjusting to increased standing and moving

  • Optimise the opportunity to launch the ‘new Fresenius Kabi Australia’ and the concept of new ways of working
  • To engage employees in a wellbeing language that was sustainable and ongoing

HBAW Wellbeing Consultant, Sharon Richens, explains:

“Employees often use a new environment in a traditional way. We tailored the program launch event to show staff how to maximise the advantages of the new space, to help decrease the anxiety around the transition to a new physical environment.”

How was it implemented?

The timing was critical. A pre-move presentation to all staff was held in the old building, and the Happy Body campaign was launched one week later in the new space. “We made a deliberate decision to launch it in conjunction with the physical move even though this meant tight time pressures.” Staples says

How was the program received?

 “The messages spoke to them” Staples states. “We conducted the pre-program survey three days before our office move. We requested people complete the survey by the end of the week and we had 100% completion rate within three hours!"

 “The launch event, presented by Sharon Richens, was held on day three in our new office. It was our very first meeting in our fabulous light-filled training room and the focus was our people” Staples says enthusiastically.

Happy Body pre program survey findings revealed that:

  • 38% of surveyed employees were waking in the night thinking about work
  • 10% felt overwhelmed at times
  • 36% felt tired most of the time
  • 23% suffered from headaches
  • 53% suffered from neck and back pain
  • TIME and WORKLOAD were the biggest stressors

Over the next 6-weeks staff learned how to be more active at work to reduce their stress levels, improve their sleep and boost their health. The Happy Body program was adapted for the ‘Go green, keep it on the screen’ campaign. “We displayed the Happy Body posters electronically on our two flat screens TVs.” Staples says.  “The bi-weekly videos were sent out via email and also loaded onto our intranet."

We spoke about the program at our weekly coffee catch ups and used the program’s simple language: asking people if they are “shining their lights; huffing and puffing; or standing up straight” says Staples with a smile.

What were the results?

At the end of the program staff were surveyed again. Results revealed:


What was the feedback from staff?

“I stand up more, do stretches at my desk, started eating better (lost 3kg already); planning to move my shifts to 8-4 so I can spend an hour at the gym every day without compromising family time. Feeling great overall with this new lifestyle”

“On my first day of work each week, I take my computer and stand to read and action my email. In addition, I look for opportunities to stand or have walking meetings. Which has increased my "incidental exercise" at work”

What's Next?

Building on the messages from Happy Body, Fresenius Kabi are currently rolling out our new Happy People program to sales and warehousing staff.

Fresenius Kabi is a global healthcare company that specialises in lifesaving medicines and technologies for infusion, transfusion and clinical nutrition for critically and chronically ill patients. With headquarters based in Germany, Fresenius Kabi employs over 33,000 employees globally, with around 100 employees based in Australia.

ABC Boardroom Breakfast

We invited a select group of people from companies such as Westpac, BT, Zurich, AON Hewitt, Bupa and NSW Police to an exclusive boardroom breakfast at the ABC to launch our Happy People digital wellbeing program. This intimate forum and networking event was so successful that we have decided to run a series of boardroom breakfast networking events in 2017. Stay tuned for details.

HBAW offers a suite of wellbeing products that combine physical and mental wellbeing into seamless and engaging campaigns. Whether in a one off keynote or a targeted campaign, the HBAW team of consultants can help craft the right strategy for your organisation.