A highly engaging team based wellbeing campaign 


Best You, Best Us


Happy People is an engaging, team based wellbeing program, developed specifically for client-facing occupations. It helps employees build a mental toolbox of strategies around MOOD, ENERGY, STRESS, and SLEEP that can positively impact their people performance at work and home. 

  • Provides a practical, evidence based education that can be used to immediately enhance wellbeing, both at work (BEST US) and home (BEST YOU)

  • Scalable, app-based delivery that utilises gamification and rewards to drive engagement, reinforced by 6 months of ongoing reminders

  • Snackable, sticky messages using videos, animations, audio and visual tips, combined with a live launch for maximum impact

  • Data-driven, measurable results supported by surveys and infographic reporting

  • The program can be customised for different industries and business needs

  • Fully supported by the ABC Concierge Team
 From inner pace to outer performance