Winner of the Mental Health Matters award for Best Workplace Mental Health Promotion & Wellbeing program


The HBAW program has rolled out to over 18000 employees including companies such as the ASX, Optus, University of Sydney, Ashurst, Minter Ellison, BOSTES, Crimtrac, and Sydney Trains and many more.

Watch their stories

Thanks to the drive of ASX CEO and their amazing HR team the ASX had a hugely successful Happy Body At Work roll out. Watch their story.

The Optus Wellbeing team are leaders in proactive workplace wellbeing initiatives. This engaging short video showcases their Happy Body At Work experience at their Adelaide Contact Centre.

HBAW’s anonymous employee surveys provide comprehensive data for ongoing strategic decision making. Cumulative HBAW rollout results reveal 2 :

91% of participants found it relevant to their work and home life
91% thought the strategies they learnt were beneficial

86% discussed things they learnt with family, friends and colleagues
85% felt the program showed their organisation cared about some of the challenges they faced in their work and home life
The things they liked more about the program that it was practical, light and enjoyable, easy to access, easy to apply, good for work and home


As a group they are 19% less tired
52% more aware of physical things that affect their mood and energy
64% are feeling brighter and more energised
67% are coping better with workload and stress
HBAW represented an investment of 0.0008% of an employee salary of $120,000

2 Of the participants who complete the exit survey.

I started a healthy eating regime and committing to move more was a no brainer. I listed some rules - make time, no excuses, achievable goals – I enlisted support from colleagues and family – the impact has been great – I feel energised and proud of my achievements including dropping 15kg
I chose to move more and be more active with my children. I have noticed that my mood and ability to deal with everyday life has improved and I feel happier and more energetic.

Poor sleep for a number of years has had an impacted on my health. The tips and information provided through this program has helped me to learn to switch off and relax better before I go to bed and also to manage the stress that is related to poor sleep patterns. One strategy I found helped me was to not watch TV or use devices for two hours before bed and to read quietly while laying in bed to wind down totally before I tried to sleep. To manage stress I walk now every afternoon after work for half hour.

I have slowly worked up to running 10 kilometres a week! I was worried about my knees which can be problematic, so wear knee braces and run only on grass where possible. I have toned up, and have a lot more energy. I am happier, calmer and now sleep beautifully!

Every time I sit, I hear the voice saying: ‘Your head is as heavy as a watermelon’ and I immediately correct my body alignment. Brilliant.
I’ve also shared my newfound knowledge with friends and family around me as I found it very valuable!