I started a healthy eating regime and committing to move more was a no brainer. I listed some rules - make time, no excuses, achievable goals – I enlisted support from colleagues and family – the impact has been great – I feel energised and proud of my achievements including dropping 15kg
I chose to move more and be more active with my children. I have noticed that my mood and ability to deal with everyday life has improved and I feel happier and more energetic.

Poor sleep for a number of years has had an impacted on my health. The tips and information provided through this program has helped me to learn to switch off and relax better before I go to bed and also to manage the stress that is related to poor sleep patterns. One strategy I found helped me was to not watch TV or use devices for two hours before bed and to read quietly while laying in bed to wind down totally before I tried to sleep. To manage stress I walk now every afternoon after work for half hour.

I have slowly worked up to running 10 kilometres a week! I was worried about my knees which can be problematic, so wear knee braces and run only on grass where possible. I have toned up, and have a lot more energy. I am happier, calmer and now sleep beautifully!

Every time I sit, I hear the voice saying: ‘Your head is as heavy as a watermelon’ and I immediately correct my body alignment. Brilliant.
I’ve also shared my newfound knowledge with friends and family around me as I found it very valuable!