A highly engaging team based wellbeing campaign 


Best You, Best Us


Happy People is an engaging, team based wellbeing program, developed specifically for client-facing occupations. It helps employees build a mental toolbox of strategies around MOOD, ENERGY, STRESS, and SLEEP that can positively impact their people performance at work and home. 

  • Provides a practical, evidence based education that can be used to immediately enhance wellbeing, both at work (BEST US) and home (BEST YOU)

  • Scalable, app-based delivery that utilises gamification and rewards to drive engagement, reinforced by 6 months of ongoing reminders

  • Snackable, sticky messages using videos, animations, audio and visual tips, combined with a live launch for maximum impact

  • Data-driven, measurable results supported by surveys and infographic reporting

  • The program can be customised for different industries and business needs

  • Fully supported by the ABC Concierge Team
From inner pace to outer performance

An award-winning wellbeing program that reinvigorates sedentary workplaces


Delivers Energy, Resilience and Performance

  • Provides employees with a practical evidence-based education, and employers with a simple, scalable wellbeing platform
  • Data-driven results supported by infographic reporting
  • Delivered as an Event-in-a-Box with full ABC support
  • An innovative 8-week multimedia program that has successfully rolled out to over 20,000 employees 
  • Focuses on the four key lifestyle areas of SITTING LESS, MOVING MORE, recognising and coping with STRESS, and improving SLEEP

A revolutionary new app-based approach to Wellbeing Education


In development, for release 2017

Innovative strategies for working well, here, there, and everywhere

The latest innovation in wellbeing education. Designed to entertain, educate, and motivate your employees’ to explore lifestyle habits that can positively impact their work and home lives. Ideal for induction, or as a low-cost entry point into wellbeing.

Exciting new workplace resilience package


In development, for release 2018

The ABC is commissioning mental health experts to create Happy Minds, an innovative 4-week program designed to teach individuals and teams how to:

  • Boost Mood
  • Build Resilience
  • Bring Balance
  • Be Mindful

Digital technology and engaging animations will be used to distill the latest mental health research into engaging, bite-sized strategies for work and home.

Happy Mind will deliver a high-quality evidence based education and provide tools that can be used to IMMEDIATELY IMPROVE WELLBEING in each of the target areas.


Exciting new workplace transition package


Available Now

We assist companies in the transition to agile activity based work (ABW) environments. We can customise presentations to assist in your pre and post communication strategies.

Keynotes and Workshops


Our Expert Wellbeing Team are outstanding presenters and facilitators. They can work with your communication. L and D, HR and Wellbeing teams to deliver engaging, tailored keynotes and workshops as part of your strategies for: 

  • Transition to agile, activity based and flexible work practices

  • Leadership development programs focused on high performance and resilience

  • Wellbeing and team development days

We can customise the right presentation for the right audience.