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Engaging, multimedia, evidence-based content

Happy Body at Work showcases Springday's skill for commissioning and creating innovative, world-class educational content. Engaging evidence-based wellbeing messages are delivered using a multiplatform approach that provides a user experience that is relevant, inclusive and engaging.

Delivered in seamless, scalable packages

HBAW programs are delivered as an Event in a Box, supported by a step-by-step rollout schedule, including all digital and hard copy materials. Our programs are scalable, accessible and can be adapted to the needs of businesses large and small. 

HBAW Programs delivered in seamless, scalable packages

Graphic showing landmark of achievement with sitting less, moving more, sleep better, stress less

Providing platforms & context for your wellbeing strategies

HBAW is unique in the wellness market, providing cutting-edge wellbeing content and strategic platforms that support ongoing initiatives. An investment in HBAW reflects a culture of care by the organisation for its employees and is the hallmark for an employer of choice.

Happy Body At work is created by wellbeing thought leaders

Created by innovative thought leaders in wellbeing

The ABC has commissioned leading mind body experts and thought leaders to create and develop innovative multimedia wellbeing content for the HBAW programs.   

Happy Body At Work provides holistic benefits from individuals, to homes, to workplaces and community

Holistic benefits flow from the individual to the community

Participants report many positive changes including increased activity levels, reduced sedentary time, improved sleep, fewer aches and pains and more awareness of stress signals. This has a positive impact on mood, energy and ability to cope with stress, leading to lower levels of anxiety and depression. 

Happy Body At Work encourages culture of care within organisations, showing that the organisation cares about its employees

Culture of Care

Our programs start conversations within workplaces that de-stigmatise the disclosure of feelings of fatigue, low mood and anxiety. At the same time they reflect a strong culture of care by the company for the employee and an awareness of the physical and mental stressors employees face in their daily lives.

Happy Body At Work is an innovative world leader

World Leader

Happy Body At Work is an innovative world leader confirmed by a successful 10 country global pilot across four continents, with a 28 country rollout in the pipeline, and proposals in chain for a number of multinational organisations.