Improved employee resilience and productivity

We deliver statistically significant improvements in mental and physical health and wellbeing




Ability to cope with stress



Happy Body At work is created by wellbeing thought leaders

Graphic showing landmark of achievement with sitting less, moving more, sleep better, stress less

Exceptional Results

Our programs provide data and insights that justify the business case for investing in employee wellbeing

An independent statistical ROI evaluation set ROI at 1:11 in terms of improved productivity, presenteeism and decreased absenteeism. So organisations can reasonably expect an $11 return for every dollar invested

Multi-award winning

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Happy Body At Work encourages culture of care within organisations, showing that the organisation cares about its employees

Employer of choice

Our programs create a visible culture of care, and support employees to be at their mental and physical best. They create a shared language around wellbeing that starts conversations and reduces stigma.

X% of participants report that our programs are beneficial to their health & wellbeing

X% report that participation in our programs demonstrates that their organisation cares about the challenges they face at work and home.


We support and drive your engagement every step of the way. Here are some recent examples of onboarding/ utilistation and engagement figures.


Happy Body At Work is an innovative world leader

University validated

Program results have been validated by universities including Macquarie University and The University of Sydney.